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How global must sustainability be? Tidiane Kassé (Pambazuka) in dialogue with Marie-Luise Abshagen (Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung)



In the so called “super-development-year” 2015, the Agenda for Sustainable Development (post-2015 agenda), which includes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is supposed to be set. But not only the question of how to fund the agenda is still in debate -  until the United Nations General Assembly meets to adopt the agenda in September, numerous rounds of negotiation to define the agenda’s details will take place .

The Dialogue Forum will shed light on the process of the post-2015-agenda setting from two perspectives: Tidiane Kassé will be talking about the African debate concerning the agenda, while Marie-Luise Abshagen will be giving an input from the German civil society point of view. The lecturers will ask i.e. for the consequences of the agenda for sustainable development in general: Will the agenda as it is proposed right now concern all countries? Which political measures does that imply - in the global North and South? Which will be the role of civil society organisations? How can criticism from North and South be unified, where does it converge? And, finally, do we really need a sustainable development agenda which is globally applicable?

Tidiane Kassé is a journalist, media consultant and teaches journalism in Dakar. As editor-in-chief of the french edition of the Panafrican news portal Pambazuka News, he will be presenting the Pambazuka special edition on “African perspectives on the post-2015 agenda for development”. In this newsletter, which will be published in May, criticism is voiced ranging from a general critique of the underlying concept of development or the definition of sustainability to explicit economic and practical politic suggestions.

Marie-Luise Abshagen, consultant for the post-2015 agenda/SDGs process at Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung, will be complementing the elaborations with a critical view from the global North. She will cover the official German position and talk about the process’ critical acoompaniment by civil society groups.

The event will be held in German and French with translation. The discussion will be held in English.

With the friendly support of the Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und Engagement Global.

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