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Film Screening: "The Snake Smile" (Le sourire du serpent) by Mama Keïta


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Night-time in no-man's land, at a bus-stop somewhere: Marion, a young Slav prostitute and Adama from Africa. They are waiting for the last bus. But it is not going to arrive - the woman driver has been dead for some time now. The two women are at one another's mercy and victims of their fears. The sense of danger is overwhelming. Is Adama the murderer?

The Director
Mama KEÏTA is the child of a Vietnamese mother and a Guinean father. He studied law in Paris, after which he started working as script writer. His feature Le fleuve (2002) was originally conceived by his friend David Achkar, but after Achkar died in 1998 from leukaemia, he decided to finish the project. The film won a Press Award at the Film Festival in Paris.

Le cafard (1981, short), L'oriental (1982, short), Opus 1 (1985, short), Waps (1988, short), Ragazzi (1991), Nuit blanche (1993, short), Le 11ème commandement (1997), David Achkar, une étoile filante (1998, short), Le fleuve (2002), Sur la route du fleuve (2004, doc), Le transfert (2004, short), Le sourire du serpent (2007), L'absence/The Absence (2009)

The Snake Smile (Le sourire du serpent)
D: Mama Keïta
Starring: Mouss Diouf, Valentina Sauca, Joe Sheridan

The film is screened in the framework of the exhibition "Devoir de mémoire - Die Pflicht, sich zu erinnern", 17.7. - 1.8.2015, Centre Français de Berlin

Organised by Sunugaal e.V. and AfricAvenir in cooperation with Centre Français de Berlin.

Financially supported by Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (LEZ) and Stiftung Umverteilen.

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