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Paneldiscussion: "Not about us without us!" Ovaherero genocide without apology and compensation?


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On the occasion of the international Colonial Reparation Day on 12 October, we host a talk with Vepuka Kauari and Barnabas Veraa Katuuo, founding members of the Ovaherero Genocide Association in the USA, sociologist Prof. Reinhart Kössler, author of "Namibia and Germany: Negotiating the Past" and Nicolai Röschert, AfricAvenir and NGO alliance "No Amnesty on Genocide!". They will discuss the genocide, the struggles for recognition and reparation as well as current developments in Namibia and Germany.


111 years ago the German colonial army ordered the extermination of the Herero people in what was then "German South-West Africa" – a colony of the German Empire. During summer this year, the Speaker of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert for the first time called the massacres "genocide". The Federal Government now also talks about "genocide" in this context, albeit somewhat reluctantly. The descendants of the victims expect more than this: an official apology from the German government, their immediate inclusion in the German-Namibian reconciliation talks and that all human remains from Namibia used in Germany for racist researches be returned.

The event is organized by the alliance "Völkermord verjährt nicht!".

The current petition of the Ovaherero and Nama and further information about the event are available on the website genocide-namibia.net

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