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Cooperation: Poetry Meets Hip Hop w/ Linda Gabriel, Kenny Wesley x Love & Rebellion ed. x Open Stage


InfoEntrance fee: 6-10 Euros


Welcome to an amazing evening with the finest of Poetry & Hip Hop from Berlin with Linda Gabriel from Harare, Zimbabwe and Kenny Wesley from DC, United States!


Zoe Hagen (Poetry x Berlin)

Linda Gabriel Page (Poetry x Harare)

Elijah Hook (Musician x Berlin)

Moona Moon (Spoken Word Artist)
<wbr />moona-moon.tumblr.com/

HEADLINER: Kenny Wesley (Singer & Poet x DC)
He is a songwriter, pianist, vocalist with a range spanning more than four octaves, and a linguist who speaks five languages. With three acclaimed projects, numerous accolades, collaborations, compilation features, and high-profile performances under his belt, including a win as a finalist (and sole U.S. representative) for the 2013 Montreux Jazz Festival’s Shure Vocal Competition, Kenny has firmly placed his stamp on the burgeoning modern music movement.

Host: Jum?ke (Multilingual Poet)

Supported by RADIO HOBO providing you with rebellious soul music backing the spitted poetic words or simply letting your ears savour the moments of Hip Hop and Poetry happening in the cozy homelike atmosphere of Villa Neukölln.

+ PREMIERE Screening of Berlin-based collective Galactic Tribe

Can't wait? Join us and enjoy a nice evening with funny, political and poetic consonances of words.

Entrance fee: 6-10 Euros

Poet-heads, Hip Hop-heads, singers, emcees, beatboxers and also instrumentalists apply for a spot at the open stage!
Send an E-mail with your artist name and artwork (be it poetry, vocals or rap) on LOVE & REBELLION to info.pmhh@gmail.com until the 10th Feb.
Only a few will be chosen!

Love, Peace and Inspiration

PMHH [x]

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