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Berlinale: The Revolution will not be Televised by Rama Thiaw


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Rama Thiaw's documentary on the revolutionary hip hop group "Keur Gui" screens at Berlinale Forum in presence of Thiat, Kilifeu and director Rama Thiaw! Not to be missed! AfricAvenir is a media partner of this screening and is proud to present the Keur Gui band live at the Swag Jam (Badehaus Szimpla) on 16 February, starting at 22h00!

In the 1980s, Senegal is a country ruled by a thinly disguised dictatorship. The man who stood against this system was Abdoulaye Wade. During his 20 years in the opposition, he promised to establish political liberalism, if elected. However, once elected, this hero soon became worse than his predecessors. ‘The Revolution won’t be televised’ starts On January 17, 2012 at the beginning of the Senegalese Presidential Campaign, when Wade corrupted the Constitutional Council in order to be eligible as candidate. This violation of the Senegalese Constitution forced three friends, Thiat, Kilifeu and Gadiaga to react where the Socialist opposition had clearly failed by creating the Y’EN A MARRE movement, with some other musicians, journalists and friends.

In a country where demonstration is not a part of the culture, millions of people took to the streets to join Y’EN A MARRE’s call for mobilization to reject Wade's candidacy. I have been building a relationship with these three artists for 10 years, so when they published on social networks the birth of this civil society organisation, I knew something good would happen for my country.

But little by little, I was asking myself, what will they do after all this? Will they choose to become politicians like so many others? Or will they choose to stay members of their hip-hop group, like they used to be: real underground artists?

Further screenings:
Thu 18/02 - 16:15 Delphi
Fri 19/02 - 22:00 CineStar 8
Sat 20/02 - 21:30 Arsenal 1

“The Revolution will not be televised, The Revolution will be LIVE.”

Gill-Scott Heron, father of Spoken Words and hip-hop, who passed away while the "Arab spring" was on.

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