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Cooperation: "Scents of Berlin Black Music" Fundraising Presentation featuring Three Women, Kileza and many others


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SCENTS OF BERLIN BLACK MUSIC is a documentary film which invites us into a musical journey of the infiltration and long standing existence of black music in Germany by looking at the impact and cultural influence it brings to Berlin. The film strives to go beyond just music and chronicles the lives of the pioneers and torch bearers of Black Music in this multicultural vibrant metropolis city. It evokes a discourse between the pioneers, connoisseurs and business sectors of Black Music.

Do you love music and film or have a kind of connection with both, then please join us. This is the LAUNCH CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN - ''SCENTS OF BERLIN BLACK MUSIC'' documenatary film and will include a presentation, live music, jam session, netwroking and drinks.

Performances will include:

Three Women
Kelvon Scholar
Jumoke Adeyanju
Cremildo Caifaz
Arcadius Didavi
and others!


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