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"The Museum of Trance" - lecture by Henrike Naumann und Bastian Hagedorn


InfoThe event will be held in English language. Free entry.


In december 2015 the artists Bastian Hagedorn and Henrike Naumann opened the Museum of Trance as part of the 4th Ghetto Biennale in down-town Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The conceptual starting point was the interest in vodou music and drumming and the stages of trance that people get in while pracricing it. This form of trance is something that is lacking in the religions practiced in Western Europe. But in the early 90s Trance Music was evolved out of Rave Music and Acid Techno. This hard, fast and spherical new genre tried to capture an ecstatic spirituality that otherwise is very rare in Western Europe, especially in Germany. The artists wanted to see what happens when the Haitian practice of spiritual trance clashes with German Trance music culture. The concepts aimed to discuss the representation of Haitian culture in German museums by excoticizing German rave culture and by musealizing it as ,the other‘ in the middle of Haiti. The traditional institution ,ethnological museum‘ was meant to be appropriated, deconstructed and re-interpreted by the local artists and musicians. In our documentation we will try to give an impression of what happened in The Museum of Trance in Port-au-Prince.

The event will be held in English language. Free entry. Website: www.museumoftrance.com

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