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Open Air short films on flight and migration: Napps - Memoire of an Invisible Man & Mañana Inshallah


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Within the scope of our project „Why we are here!?“- African Perspectives on Flight and Migration" and in cooperation with Die Nachbarschaftsakademie/ Prinzessinnengärten, we present two documentary short films in an Open Air screening and invite you to join a discussion with the films’ directors in “Die Laube in den Prinzessinnengärten” after the film screening.

Napps - Memoire of an Invisible Man

short film written by Mr. X and Tami Liberman, directed by Tami Liberman, 31min, 2014, English with English subtitles

This film tells the story of Mr. X, but his identity, and his face, are never revealed in it. Mr. X is a West-African asylum seeker living in Berlin without a work permit.

As his exposure might put him in danger, he is the one holding the camera instead of appearing in front of it. Mr. X shoots the landscapes and people of Berlin to tell stories about the refugee camp in Italy, about his grandmother in West Africa, about his acquaintance with African drug dealers from Görlitzer Park, and about the relationship between him, his legal status and his camera.

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Mañana Inshallah

short film written and directed by Lea Lazic, Otto Reuschel, Mattia Carraro, 45min, 2015, English subtitles

Melilla, European city on the African continent. Ilies is driving through the city night and day. He is an irregular taxi driver from Morocco who has been living in the Spanish territory since his birth. Nevertheless, he is not able to get the necessary documents in order to regularize his stay and live a peaceful life.
Aomar and Mohammed, two of a big group of Moroccan teenagers, are living between the rocks next to the harbor. They wish to be able to slink someday into a commercial ship, which will take them to the long-time yearned European continent.

Climako is a young Cameroonian who has been trapped in Melilla for over 5 years. After his expulsion from the Centre for Temporary Stay of Immigrants, he was forced to live in an improvised camp next to it, where he moved 7 months ago. Prisoner of a turbid bureaucracy, he faces a great uncertainty about his future.

Following these three stories, the authors of “Mañana Inshallah” try to depict the migratory situation in Melilla, Spanish exclave in Morocco, and representative icon of the so called reception and integration policies of the European Union. The documentary shows another face of reality, often manipulated and trivialized by the media, and to remind the complexity of each individual story that is hidden behind the word “immigration”.

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The event will be held in English.

With the friendly support of Die Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (LEZ) and Engagement Global.

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