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Film: "Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief" by Daryne Joshua


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Based on the true story of a young man in 1960's Cape Town who ends up in jail and uses his gift for storytelling to barter his way out of the prison gang.
Four young boys on the cusp of manhood form a gang. The leader Abraham, raises his status in jail by captivating the hardened gangsters with his gift for storytelling and becomes the "prison cinema" whilst his childhood friend becomes the concubine of a gang boss. On their release 'AB’ unites with his childhood sweetheart and aims to give up on his gang friends but they rope him into a crime for which they all face the hangman's noose. Based on the life of the scriptwriter and set on the Cape Flats in the 1960’s. 

Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief,
South Africa, 2016,
Director: Daryne Joshua,
150 min

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