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We'll Come United! Antiracist Parade+CommUNITY-Carnival



Who is WE?

We are an open initiative of people from different social, antiracist and political networks. There are no big organizations or parties behind this project. There will be a plenty of work to do and everyone is more than welcome to join and work with us.

What is going to happen on the 16th of September?

Together with the CommUNITY Carnival initiative in Berlin we are preparing a big parade. A demonstration, a procession, a carnival. Theater, music, arts. We want to share our stories in the streets, want to hear the unheard voices, want to introduce our perspectives and our demands into the public debate. The carnival is a place to express unity against racist attitudes, against objectification and de-humanization of migrants and refugees. The parade is conceived as a platform for as many activist groups as possible to come together — to create strong stories, images and experiences of solidarity and hope! One week before the election this also means for us: there will be no national flags or party’s flags.

Who should participate?

Everyone who cares about solidarity and antiracism is welcome to participate. Political groups, cafes, clubs, welcoming initiatives or single persons: all of you are invited to sign and to join, to organize assemblies or events.

Want to contribute?

Sign the call and spread it! Get creative, invent some ideas for first days of September in your area: it could be a happening at your local rail station, a theater performance, actions, films, events – every single thing is great, until we all hit the road to Berlin on the 16th of September. Join the mobilization and organize your joint travel to Berlin – in a convoy, by bus or maybe even with a “Train of Hope”…

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