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Kooperationsveranstaltung: Writing in Migration



InterKontinental presents the first festival in Berlin by and for African authors: it will take place in April 2018. The German-Nigerian author Olumide Popoola will moderate the festival, which puts into light topics as transnationality and transculturality and dedicates itself to migration in the sense of "being in motion".

Three days of fiction, poetry, lectures and podium discussions will explore the theme of the reality of Africans life. How can we live and write after a forced or voluntary migration to Europe / the US? How do African writers deal with stable visions on identity and spatial movement? Is there a commitment to a tradition such as an  "African identity"?

'Writing in Migration' brings authors across the continents to Berlin, whose books create new visions in literature and set international trends. Together with curator Olumide Popoola they challenge their audience: Read Outside The Box.

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