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Film Screening: FRONTIÈRS




FRONTIÈRS, Apolline Traoré

Burkina Faso, France/ 2017/ 90 min/ Original with German subtitles

In the presence of the director, Apolline Traoré

We are honored to present a series of films with follow-up moderated discussions. The selected films demonstrate a varied array of topics ranging from activism, utopias and dystopias, individual fates, and diverse realities.

“Frontiers” is a road-movie, that tells the story of four women, who - initially being strangers to each other - meet on a collective journey from Senegal to Nigeria and subsequently form a friendly community of solidarity. Apolline Traoré exposes the driving travelling causes of the trip as well as explicitly the dangers and challenges that women in particular have to face. At border crossings, the four women are confronted with corruption, blackmail, sexual abuse, rape and robbery. Constantly reappearing characters are male authorities, that arbitrarily decide over the women’s bodies. The women are brought together through their common disposition of resisting male authorities and supporting each other as much as possible. The film “frontiers” touches upon experiences that various migrant and diasporic groups can relate to and share with one another. This perspective adds a new dimension to themes of migration, mobility and borders, not merely one that is transcontinental but also regional, from the African female perspective.

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