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Atse Tewodros Project: Maqeda



Atse Tewodros Project: Maqeda
Music about historical & mythological Ethiopian women

A project by Gabriella Ghermandi

Maqeda is the Ethiopian name for the Queen of Sheba, who according to Ethiopian legend went to the court of the Emperor Solomon to challenge his wisdom by asking him riddles. And Maqeda is the name that Gabriella Ghermandi has chosen for her new project, dedicated to female figures, which aims to “universalise” the myth of the Queen of Sheba and of other figures in Ethiopian history and mythology, and bring them to life using the experience of women, men and girls of different origins who will participate in the writing and serigraphy printing laboratories as planned by the project itself.

Maqeda is an artistic, cultural and anthropological journey that, through a shared path of music, images, and narration, proposes a reflection on the feminine and its figures.


    Gabriella Ghermandi – vocals
    Fabrizio Puglisi – piano
    Misale Legesse – Ethiopian traditional drum set
    Endris Hassen – one string bowl “Masinko”
    Camilla Missio – bass guitar
    Abu Gebre – Ethiopian traditional flute “Washint”
    Tommy Ruggero – drums and percussion
    Anteneh Teklemariam - acustic and electric kirar

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