Film-Matinée of African Films for Children and Youth


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The 1st EcoKids Film Festival will be taking place on 26-27 September in Windhoek. During the two days, Film and Environmental training workshops will take place at several venues in and around Windhoek. The theme of the 1st EcoKids Film Festival is “The Elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water”. On this occasion, AfricAvenir & the FNCC present a Film-Matinée of African films for children and youth on Saturday, 27 September.

The Film-Matinée wants young people to enjoy and to celebrate film and cinema culture.

We will re-screen films from our monthly film series “Inspiring Young Imaginations” and other films from Africa, most suitable for young people.

Among the films shown will be “Mwansa. The Great” (Zambia), “Zebu and the Photofish” (Uganda/Kenya), “Lezare – For Today” (Ethiopia), “Tuuli” (Namibia), “Eembwiti” (Namibia), “Once Upon a Time in Africa. Timbuktu” (Kenya), among others.

Venue: Cinema FNCC
Date: Sat., 27 September 2014
Time: 09h00-12h00
Entrance: Free

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