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"THE LAND BETWEEN" - Film Screening and Debate at the European Parliament



After 18 months of screening THE LAND BETWEEN at over 100 public screenings around the world, the film will be screened at the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT in Brussels, Belgium on TUESDAY 16th JUNE (next week), followed by a debate.

The event will be hosted by two Spanish Members of Parliament, Marina Albiol and Ernest Urtasun, and co-hosted by Migreurop. The director David Fedele will be at the screening to present the film and be involved in the discussion after the film.

For anyone able to attend the screening, it will begin at 19:00 SHARP (registration from 18:20), in Room ASP1-G3. This is a large room with a capacity of 160 people, so would be very much appreciated if you could share these details widely, to people that may be interested to attend the event.

Due to requirements of the European Parliament, pre-registration is essential.

If you would like to attend, please email the following details, to david@david-fedele.com, by MIDDAY, WEDNESDAY 10th JUNE:

- Family Name
- First Name
- Date of Birth
- Nationality
- Type of ID card
- ID card/passport Number

This screening is dedicated to all migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Morocco and elsewhere, who are on the road to seek a "better life" for themselves and their families. And is in respect to these two paragraphs from the film, when a man tells his story after the Moroccan military have badly beaten him, and killed his friend Clement:

"You and the European Union must see how people that enter Melilla are sent back. The camp was created for migrants, but when we enter they send us back, people must know the situation, and also see the situation with the military. The military beat us like animals, they break our heads."

"You must tell the European Union. They pay the Moroccans to guard the border, but the Moroccans took this to have a war. We are not armed with we go to the border to climb the fence. We go to the fence to leave and to search for life."

In addition to this screening at the European Parliament, there are screenings of the film planned in the coming months in Senegal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia... and hopefully more.

More information of screenings on the film's website: www.thelandbetweenfilm.com

On December 18th (International Migrants Day), the film was made available to be watched ONLINE FOR FREE, and in less than six months, there have been almost 20,000 views of the film online.

You can watch the film ONLINE FOR FREE NOW directly via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf4N_lHOWEA

And also on the film's website: www.thelandbetweenfilm.com

The film is available with  English, French, Spanish, Italian, German & Greek subtitles.

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