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Cooperation: Concert by Songhoy Blues (Mali)


Info   Festival "Krieg singen"; Auditorium; Evening Tickets: 12€/10€


Blues against tyranny: After Islamist militias seized power in northern Mali in 2012, music could only be played behind closed doors. While living in exile in Bamako, the young musicians Aliou, Garba and Oumar Touré from Timbuktu met the drummer Nathanel Dembelé and started the band Songhoy Blues. The name refers to Mali’s Songhai culture. A track on the Africa Express compilation Maison des jeunes in collaboration with Blur front singer Damon Albarn was followed in 2015 by their international debut album Music in Exile. Songhoy Blues fuse traditional rhythms with electric guitars and forceful blues, rock and funk elements. They are presenting their rousing live energy on their current tour. Like Tinariwen, they use their lyrics to comment on the political situation in Mali and insist on their right to keep singing. In the afternoon before their concert, the film They Will Have to Kill Us First (UK 2015, English subtitles) will show how the musicians met in Bamako (3 pm, free admission). Following the film, a Q&A session will be held with the band.

The music festival SINGING THE WAR explores the complex relationship between war and music. In addition to Songhoy Blues, on October 16 there will be performances by Tobago Crusoe and the Kalypso Katz (7:30 pm), wittmann/zeitblom will present an experimental music collage (6:30 pm), and journalist Yassin Musharbash and the musicians Andreas Ammer and Victor Gama will be part of a panel entitled “Killing with Sound” (5 pm).

Concert: Sat, Jan 16, 9 pm Film with Q&A: Sat, Jan 16, 3 pm, free admission More about the festival at hkw.de/kriegsingen

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