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Talk: Black Skin White Media



We are pleased to have the presence of Dija Mambu, journalist and film critic, who critically analyzes the mechanism that operates around the Western media when they are led to deal with subjects concerning Blacks and/or Africa, exploring some paths for improvement.

As we know for decades now, the media is the fourth power.

Reports, interviews, portraits, short stories, editorials, reviews, columns and letters from readers. In addition, the campaign slogans of NGOs, parodied posters and clumsy advertisements that perpetuate the evils, begun with an imaginary anchored in the spirit of the West, a consequence of slavery and colonization.

What role do the media play in the West and elsewhere? what perception of visible minorities in Europe? What are the representations of black people in the media? What is the thematic treatment? Where are the stories told from? What kind of stereotypes is the media reproducing? 

What looks at blacks living in Western society? What are the judgments about immigrants? What prejudices do they have about Black Africa and about Africans in general?

These are some of the questions that Dija Mambu touches on in her talk.


Djia Mambu is a Belgian-Congolese journalist, film critic, activist and specialised in Medias. She collaborates in several editorials including Africultures, Africiné, Images Francophones, Awotele and Cinéma Belge. She also has a column at Africa n°1. She’s a member of the Belgium Film Press Union and the Federation of African Film Critics.

Black skin, white media. Stigmatization of Blacks and Africa is her first publication.


This FREE & PUBLIC event is part of the FilmArche Summer School Utopia and takes place at filmArche (Lahnstraße 25 | 12055 Berlin)

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