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Film Screening: HAKKUNDE


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Film Screening: HAKKUNDE (dir. Oluseyi Asurf)

Nigeria / 2017 / 99 min / English w/German subtitles

With the presence of film director Oluseyi Asurf

Ticket price: 7€

We are honored to present a series of films with follow-up moderated discussions. The selected films demonstrate a varied array of topics ranging from activism, utopias and dystopias, individual fates, and diverse realities. 

After his two prize-winning short films “Hell or Highwater”  and “A Day with Death” about homosexuality in Nigeria, Oluseyi Amuwa released his first long feature film. “Hakkúnd” is a lightly narrated and humoristic film, that delves into existential themes in contemporary Nigeria. It is the story of a young university graduate, who is looking for a job in Nigeria’s hectic capital Lagos. As many young, well-educated Nigerians, he has been unemployed for a long time and depends on his auntie, whom he also lives with. The film introduces Lagos as a metropolis, where everything evolves around money and where everyone is pre-occupied in chasing his/her own luck. Everyday Akande stands outside on the main street with a huge sign which states his need for a job. As each day passes, alongside debts and a nagging auntie, he becomes frustrated by the few opportunities that life offers him. After all, hearing about a promising cow trade, he travels last minute with the Okkada-driver Ibrahim to his  hometown Kaduna in the North of Nigeria. Influenced by existential concerns and the daily hunt for money in Lagos, Akande learns to build healthy social relationships there that are not money-driven. Akande learns to cherish the values of the community, integrates into village life and eventually teaches in the village's school. It is not until one day, where he makes a coincidental discovery that allows him to secure his own life.

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