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FLICKS AND CHILL - Navigating through inequitable spaces




Navigating through inequitable spaces

*** FREE event - For BIPOC - Please RSVP via the ticket link as there are limited spots available. - You need to bring photo ID to access the space***

It’s the end of the year, and all we wanna do is “flix and chill”, but fo realz tho.

We’ve organised a Saturday evening filled with a short documentary and a short film, chats, chilled cosy fluffy environment, self-care and lots of snacks. All you gotta do is rock up in some comfy clothes and any additional snacks or self-care items you want to use/share.

It’s hard being a BIPOC in the Western world, and self-care seems to be something many fail at while navigating through inequitable spaces. As we endure structures that want to maintain white supremacy, let’s be more connected and chat about this whilst caring for ourselves and each other. It’s important to have a safer space where we can just let it all out, which is why we want to invite BIPOC only.

We will be screening the following two short-films:

"Self-Care A Radical Act"

Directed by Daryl Brown and written by Dr. Andrea Baldwin - 11min. documentary

Dr. Andrea Baldwin, a Gender Women’s Studies Professor at Connecticut College, investigates how some students of color engage with self-care at a predominantly white institution.




"Gu Lou Xi (The Drum Tower)"

Written and directed by Popo Fan - 18min. short film

An introverted senior school student and a transgender vintage shop-owner: two lonely souls swimming in the ever-changing pool of the city Beijing. They are trying to break through wall in front of them, heading to a place they don’t know.

Q&A with Popo Fan.

The films will be screened with english subtitles. We will also be conducting the chats predominantly in english, but we invite all to speak in whichever language they’d like.

The space is wheelchair accessible, but the toilets do not have railings. We apologise for not being able to cater for a more accessible event and space.


14.12.2019 - 18.00h - 22.30h


Stresemannstr. 95/97, 10963 Berlin, 16.th floor

Co-hosts: Vicky Truong & Ming Poon


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