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Namibian Opening: stagings made in NAMIBIA

The photography exhibition "stagings made in NAMIBIA" will be opened on Tuesday, 25 August 2009 at 6 p.m. at the National Art Gallery in Windhoek.

stagings made in NAMIBIA
photography exhibition

National Art Gallery of Namibia (Windhoek)
August 25 2009, 6 pm
August 26 – September 25 2009
Opening hours: Tue. – Fri. 8 am – 5 pm
Sat 9 am – 2 pm
John Meinert Street/Robert Mugabe Avenue
Windhoek, Namibia

in cooperation with
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Berlin

“But who am I to kill your picture” ...
Oshosheni Hiveluah

STAGINGS MADE IN NAMIBIA is a collective experiment within a transcultural framework. It presents images made by 124 photographers from Namibia. Actors, archivists, artists, blue-collar workers, Carnival fools, DJs, farmers, homeless people, immigrants, journalists, photography students, teachers, the unemployed, youth workers – people from quite different backgrounds have taken these photographs for both a Namibian and a German public.

Disposable cameras were distributed in 2007 and 2008 to anyone who wanted to participate: from Windhoek to the Waterberg and up to the Kavango region in the north, the Aminuis Corridor in the east and Lüderitz in the south. The initial primary interest of this Berlin-funded project curated by Evelyn Annuß was in the visual afterlife of colonial history and the various Namibian ideas about Germanness. Many of the photographers took a new angle, however: from increasingly different viewpoints they staged images of their daily lives and presented the people photographed as active subjects.

The photos, which were selected from a total of around 5000, often recall theatre or film stills. By demonstrating their own staged character they differ from the apparently authentic postcard motifs that pervade the visual presentation of Namibia. And they provoke – particularly when the people in the photographs look at us – a reading that reflects on the difference between image production and subsequent viewing. Around 250 photographs are being presented in the National Art Gallery of Namibia.


Afrikaner, Elton • Amadhi|a, Justina • Amuthitu, Toini • Andreas, Ester • Anonymous • Anonymous • Awala, Festus • Balzer, Sandra • Basson, Alexandrie • Basson, Rocker • Benito, Felix • Benjamin, Cesilie • Biwa, Memory • Bothas, Domingos • Callard, Laura • David, Emily • Dax, Maikuani Nicolene • Dutoit, Tersa • Förtsch, Steffi • G!ubi, Marcella Meiki• Gabriel, Sanny • Garbade, Claudia • Garises, Megan • Geria, Sonner • Govagwe, Jack • Graig, Augetto • Gühring, Joachim • Haragaes, Clemensia • Hashingola, Patrick Lapitaominda • Hashingola, Yola • Hatutale, Martha • Haufiku, Joanna • Hifikwa, Gabert • Hifikwa, Shokonale • Hipikuruka, Tjireya Neuville • Horn, Morné • Iipinge, Gabriel • Illing, Christopher • Isaacs, Frans Bobo• Jakobs, Paulus • Job, Romanda • John, Alisa • Junius, Iris • Junius, Tracey Lee • Kafuro, Chipisa Kepis • Kahsay, Menghis • Kairimuti, Moses • Kamiyo, Swabi • Kangandjera, Bertha • Kapenda, Eroys • Kaujama, Uejavi • Kavandje, Boetietjie • Kavita, Marama • Khaagub, Bernhard ||Xaima Kaverekua• Khoi-Aos, Dantago • Khoi-Aos, Denise • Kooper, Shouline • Kotungondo, Immanuel • Kroll, Witta • Krüger, Gertrud • Langmaak, Anke • Majiedt, Donovan • Majiedt, Natasha • Marenga, George • Mautu, Frans • Mautu, Mavis • Mayundu, William • Meyer, Denver • Mootseng, Gerhardus • Munyima, Reino • Mushavanga, David • Mwandingi, Emmy • Mwandingi, Festus • Naidjala, Annelie • Nalusha, Andreas • Nalusha, David • Nalusha, Ester • Nalusha, Rachel • Namaseb, Sebastian • Namconde, Elina • Nanghama, Sevelia Pinky • Nangolo, Aksel • Nanyala, Jacobina • Nashinge, Imms • Ndjalo, Winnie • Ndungula, Borro • Negonga, Nekulilo • Negonga, Tuapewa • Ngaripue, Frans • Noabeb, Thea • Noanda, Vistorina • Ouchurub, George • Pack, Arno • Paulus, Pombili • Paulus, Tuli • Pieters, Dickson Khaba• Pieters, Myra • Ponhele, Mecki • Rijatua, Fransina • Rijatua, Hinakumuesa • Rijatua, Newman Tjirero • Rossler, Rene • Schwarting, Almuth • Sell, Ami • Sell, Marc • Shetekela, Rosalia • Shigweda, Esther N.T. • Shikela, Rauna • Shikongo, Moses • Shikongo, Shilongo Josia • Shiweda, Beata • Shiweda, Napandulwe • Stanley • Syvertsen, Nicole • Tjirimuje, Malaika • Tjuma, Rauha • Totsi • Tsame, Frida !Ama-||Ai • Tshilonga, Ndatyoonawa • Tsibes, Natasha • Ulenga, Ché • Unandapo, Claudia • Voigts, Dorita • Werner, Nick

curated by Evelyn Annuß
exhibition design: Claudia von Funcke

Catalogue: 300 pages, 200 colour plates; contributions by A. Akinbiyi, M. Baer, D. Baltzer, G. Boden, J. Etherington, L. Förster, A. Graig, P.L. Hashingola, D. Henrichsen, O. Hiveluah, I. Kaunatjike, R. Kößler, A. Kusser, H.C. Mahnke, H. Melber, A. du Pisani, M. Saar, U.J. Schüler, D. Wee, J. Zeller, afterword by G. Krüger, edited by E. Annuß, Eng.-Ger., b_books, ISBN 978-3-933557-94-0.

The exhibition has already been shown in the former chapel of the Berlin Bethanien in Germany accompanied by a comprehensive programme of events: a symposium on Namibia and visual politics, screenings of several Namibian films presented by the Namibian filmmakers Oshosheni Hiveluah, Errol Geingob and Gina Tibinyane (in cooperation with the Wild Cinema Windhoek International Film Festival), a colonial-historical guided tour and a photo workshop by the Berlin-based artists Akinbode Akinbiyi and Claudia von Funcke with four participants of the Stagings-project: Marama Kavita, Imms Nashinge, Moses Shikongo and Ché Ulenga.

The Windhoek exhibition is funded by Aktion Afrika. Stagings is part of an overall project initiated by Evelyn Annuß and Barbara Loreck entitled Made in Namibian and funded by the Berlin Capital Cultural Fund.

Thanks are due to all the individuals and institutions who have contributed to organizing the project in Namibia: especially AfricAvenir, the Archives of Anti-Colonial Resistance and the Liberation Struggle, Base FM/Katutura Community Radio, Desert Films Productions, Deutsche Höhere Privatschule, the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia in Berlin, the German Embassy in Windhoek, the Goethe Centre, GTZ, Katutura Community Arts Centre, the Legal Assistance Centre, the Namibia Tourism Board, Nitsche & Reiter, Photobox, the Theatre School of the College of the Arts and the Wild Cinema Windhoek International Film Festival.

Contact person for photographers and participants of the project: Oshosheni Hiveluah (oshosheni@yahoo.com; 081-2321222).

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