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Migritude by Shailja Patel

MIGRITUDE, the US debut of internationally acclaimed poet and performance artist Shailja Patel, dodges categories and confounds expectations. Part poetic memoir, part political history, part performance tour-de-force, MIGRITUDE weaves together family history, reportage, and monologues of violence, colonization, and love, to create an achingly beautiful portrait of women’s lives and migrant journeys undertaken under the boot print of Empire.

Patel, who was born in Kenya and educated in England and the US, honed her poetic skills in performances that have received standing ovations throughout Europe, Africa, and North America. She has been described by the Gulf Times as “the poetic equivalent of Arundhati Roy” and by CNN as “the face of globalization as a people-centered phenomenon of migration and exchange.”

The lavishly illustrated US publication of Migritude will include interviews with the author, as well as performance notes and essays.

Praise for Migritude:
"Illuminates with compelling artistry and eloquence the shameful secrets of Empire's history."
- - -Howard Zinn, "A Peoples' History Of The United States"

"A vibrant, gendered, wordsmith's voice, speaking Africa, Asia, the metropole, history, the present - the world. Shailja Patel is that rare thing - an activist poet in prose and verse."
- - Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Avalon Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University

"A work of unwavering moral conscience, a battle cry for justice, expressed through a poetic talent that deserves a global audience."
- - Dennis Brutus

$15.95 | 162pp | Paperback | ISBN 9781885030054

Shailja Patel
Shailja Patel is an award-winning poet, playwright, theatre artist, and creator of Migritude. In addition to performing worldwide (venues have included New York’s Lincoln Centre, Turin’s Internazionale Festival, the US Bioneers Conference, and Durban’s Poetry Africa Festival), she has spoken at over thirty colleges, universities, and conferences, including keynote student conference addresses at Yale and Brown. She has been the recipient of Ford Foundation funding, and her poems are included in the online exhibits of the International Museum of Women, the Museum of the African Diaspora, and the Asian Poets Collection of New York University. Her work has been translated into eight languages, and used in high schools, colleges, and workshops across the world.


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