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Cabralista - A Documentary Trilogy in Memory of Amilcar Cabral

This movie project is inspired by the fantastic Opus of Amilcar Cabral. The goal of this documentary is to put his fantastic theories and ideas in the spotlight. Comparing his work with actual cultural and social issues that we face in our day to day life and providing alternative solutions for them. We found in him a african leader for our mental emancipation. "Cabralista" is an ambitious documentary trilogy, chronologically divided in Past, Present and Future, but not released in that order. Over a 3 years period we will release 1 episode a year. The final episode is set to be released on the 40th anniversary of Amilcar Cabral’s death, on 20 January 2013.

Production Details

Valerio Lopes, Kapverde/Luxemburg, 52 min, 2011
Film Locations: Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Libya, Kenya, Portugal & Luxembourg
Producer: Henrique Teixeira de Freitas, Valerio Lopes
Music: Valerio Lopes

Distribution Details

Distribution: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Contact: info(at)africavenir.org
Format: DCP, DVD
Language: Portugese/French/English/Criol with German, French, Spanish, Portugese or English Subtitles
Poster/Pictures: Can be sent digitally
Press Kit (engl., pdf)

Episode I - Present / Collective Memory

The first episode, "Present | Collective Memory", deals with the present, how Cabral is remembered, defining a non-formal zeitgeist around his ideology, showing african youth with a strong cabralist view. It is based on the collective memory of Amilcar Cabral and his ideas. Shot between Cape Verde, Portugal, Libya, Kenya, Guinea and Luxembourg, this first part of the trilogy is an introduction to the whole project. Young african students and intellectuals narrate this feature length documentary and put it in a present context. The unique music gives it a very captivating mood and sets the tone to a very interesting climax.

Episode II - Past | History (forthcoming)

The second episode, "Past | History", treats the past, the history based on historical facts and testimonies of his lifetime. 

Episode III - Future | Utopia (forthcoming)

The third episode "Future | Utopia" his an utopian vision of how Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and perhaps Africa could have evolved and developed if Amilcar Cabral wand other African Leaders of his time would not have been assassinated and if they had a chance to put their theories in practice. All their ideas are analyzed and embodied to the socio-cultural and socio-economical climate of the continent in a utopian and optimistic way. 

Director's Comment

"Cabral was the greatest source of inspiration for me, both in my professional life and spiritually. With the "Cabralista" project I want to contribute to the process of emancipation, we Africans are undergoing (...) I try to be Cabralist in my artistic work as well as in my political views. For me this is the only way to survive as an individual and as part of an often disregarded cultural minority." Valerio Lopes

Director: Valerio Lopes

The director, musician and activist Valerio (Val) Lopes was born in 1977 as the son of Cape Verdean immigrants in Luxembourg. Since the early 1990s, he mixed music and videos as a form of artistic expression. In recent years, he had the opportunity to visit the Cape Verde Islands and the Cape Verdean diaspora in many countries of the world and to get to know so many facets of his cultural roots. On these trips, he started making a number of interviews about Amilcar Cabral, which form the basis of Cabralista trilogy. http://valeriolopes.com/

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