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H-C Mahnke & Tsitsi Dangarembga
About AfricAvenir Namibia

About AfricAvenir International Windhoek

AfricAvenir Windhoek emerged in the year 2007, as a reaction to witnessing the overwhelming socio-political and cultural structures being shaped by the Apartheid-past. A group of young cultural activists saw the need to overcome the dominance of euro-centristic viewpoints in the cultural and socio-political scene in Namibia. By providing platforms on African thoughts and ideas through exhibitions, film events, workshops, and dissemination of African literature, AfricAvenir partners with institutions and projects seeking to decolonize the mind of Namibians, who have been shaped by over 100 years of colonialism and a fierce liberation struggle leading to independence only in 1990. We currently run several projects, which mainly are, a monthly African film series called "African Perspectives", a film series for Children and Youth "Inspiring Young Imaginations", the Namibia Movie Collection and several other activities, such as workshops and trainings upon request, such as "Critical Whiteness".

Team & Structure

Although the civil society in Namibia is rather weak, we pride ourselves, that we positively stand out among the Namibian NGO landscape, considering our budget and funding structure. With no formal employment structure of office staff, we manage high-quality projects and are very efficient and effective  in delivering outcomes. We work voluntarily and all generated income is re-invested into ongoing projects.

Our team consists of a management structure, headed by the chairman Hans-Christian Mahnke and a board. Our current board consists of: Hans-Christian Mahnke (chair), Augetto Craig, Ellen Namhila, Guillermo Delgado, Claudia Van Houtum-Nakuta, Tashiya Amkongo, Nessy Hilifilwa, and Hileni Rijnen. We are supported by interns.

African Perspectives - Contemporary African Cinema

In 2007 AfricAvenir Windhoek initiated "African Perspectives", a monthly African filmseries in Windhoek in cooperation with various cultural institutions, such as Studio 77, Goethe Centre Windhoek, Katutura Community and Arts Centre. Since then, more then 150 African films have been screened. The series provides a platform for critical African perspectives on social, cultural and historical issues, which we deem relevant for the Namibian society. As such, it attracts more and more attention from the media and the public in- and outside Namibia. Since July 2012 the films are regularly being screened at the Goethe-Centre and at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC).

"Inspiring Young Imaginations” – African Films for Children and Youth

In 2014, AfricAvenir Windhoek initiated "Inspiring Young Imaginations", a monthly African film series for children and youth. The idea originated from an experienced lack of access and opportunities for children to watch inspiring, entertaining and educative movies with African content. The films we screen are from all over the African continent and tell in an entertaining and educative way stories from the perspective of children and young people about African history, cultures, different identities, social realities, adventures and experiences. The screenings are followed by discussions about the film and how it relates to the lives of our young audience. We feel it is important for children and youth in Namibia to see movies they can relate to and identify themselves with; to see the beauty of African stories and experiences; to discover the diversity of the African continent; and to plant a seed in them, to want to tell their own stories too and trigger their own imagination in telling stories.

The Namibian Movie Collection

The Namibian Movie Collection, initiated by Joel Haikali, founder of Joe-Vision Production, consists of films made by Namibian filmmakers and foreign films with relevance to the Namibian film landscape. For the purpose of promotion, filmmakers agreed to grant non-commercial rights of their films to be part of the collection and the FNCC granted space in its Multimedia Library for public access. For a broader dissemination and exposure, a catalog of the Namibian Movie Collection is published on the website of AfricAvenir, introducing Namibian films and filmmakers to an international audience. We believe this is necessary and crucial towards achieving the overall objective, the development of the Namibian film industry.

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