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The publishing house Exchange & Dialogue was founded in Berlin in 2003. However, the history of the publishing house goes back to 1985, when Editions AfricAvenir published its first books in Douala, Cameroon. Editions AfricAvenir/Exchange & Dialogue provides the theoretical basis for the work of the AfricAvenir International Foundation and its sections around the world. It aims to publicise writers and academics who write and work in the spirit of global responsibility for a common destiny for humanity. Africa’s new awakening and the “African Renaissance” movement play a special role in this regard. The publishing house offers African and non-African authors who engage confidently and independently in current scientific, political or literary debates the space to actively participate in the reappraisal and creative renewal of African culture(s) and history(ies) through their work. The publishing house pays particular attention to Africa’s relationship to itself, the relationship of the outside world to Africa, and the international responsibility for the future of humanity. Exchange & Dialogue publishes in several original languages, mainly in German, French, English and Cameroonian. There are also plans to publish in other African languages. More information: