German premiere of a new two-part documentary covering the life of Thomas Sankara: ‘On Thomas Sankara’s Trail’ (15:00) and ‘Divided Inheritance’ (17:00) on 14 October 2012 from 15:00, Hackesche Höfe Kino.

On the occasion of the 25th commemoration day of Thomas Sankara’s assassination AfricAvenir will be unveiling a two-part documentary, ‘On Thomas Sankara’s Trail’ and ‘Divided Inheritance’ on 14 October 2012. Both films will be shown for the first time in Germany, with the directors of Kollektiv Baraka in attendance. 
The brutal and internationally backed conspiracy resulted in the murder of Burkina Faso’s charismatic president, who until then had been an exemplary testimonial of Africa’s ability to develop through its own efforts.
The reforms Sankara promoted delivered almost immediate and astonishing results: within four years he was able to sever the dependency of one of the poorest countries in the world on imported food and managed to balance its household debts! 
Sankara was a visionary and political pioneer in other areas such as combating corruption, governance, health and nature conservancy policies as well as gender equality. 
An eloquent, confident, humble and sympathetic man, his greatest strength might have been his integrity. He fought for Burkina Faso’s autonomy in the face of virulent external dependencies and for the endogenous development of his country and the African continent. He rose to mythical status during his lifetime as an icon of the African struggle for independence. He was a man who firmly believed in his actions, all the while acknowledging the danger his stance brought about. 
Conceived between 2008 and 2011 and filmed in Senegal, Mali, France and Burkina Faso, these films are not only a homage to the visionary and revolutionary Sankara but also provide an opportunity for contemporary witnesses and young activists to share their experiences and opinions about the man ‘who restored the dignity of the people of Burkina Faso.’ n‘On Thomas Sankara’s Trail’ is dedicated to Sankara himself, his visions and his accomplishments. Noël Isidore Thomas Sankara was born on 21 December 1949 in the inconspicuous, predominantly Muslim village of Yako. He spent his childhood years in Gaoua in the southern region of The Republic of Upper Volta, as Burkina Faso used to be known. 
Raised with a strictly Catholic upbringing and blessed with charm at a young age, he was driven to the army due to increasingly deteriorating external circumstances. 

His Marxist-Leninist history teacher and his military training in Madagascar which saw him come into contact with young left-leaning militants influenced him significantly.  When he assumed power on 4 August 1983 after a coup, his coherent and revolutionary stance ensured that he was already the country’s most popular political figure, especially among his country’s youth. n‘On Thomas Sankara’s Trail’ is a comprehensive yet intimate portrayal of the man behind the icon. ‘Divided Inheritance’ addresses the issue of Sankara’s legacy. What became of his projects, ideas and visions? What does today’s youth think about him? What did and do his contemporaries think about him? The most important question of all though remains the relationship between the Norbert Zongo-Affair and Sankara’s murder.nA public discussion with the directors of Kollektiv Baraka will take place after the screening of the films.nThe films will be shown in French with German subtitles provided by AfricAvenir and Subtext Berlin. nThe films can be obtained from AfricAvenir in exchange for a donation. After this German premiere the two films with German subtitles will also be accessible on the Internet.nThis event is financially supported by the BMZ and the Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (EED). 

Ras Batch, Sams’k le Jah, Bruno Jaffré, Carlos Ouedraogo, Fidel Kientega, Germaine Pitroipa, Odile Sankara, Didier Awadi, Smockey, Valère Somé, Samba Tembely and many more.

Feedback on the film:
“The films took me back to the 1980s, back to my childhood in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). They resurrected the pride I remembered which the people of Burkina Faso felt, the respect we suddenly received from everyone. Thomas Sankara’s aura and the certainty of his integrity captivated me completely. Sankara has left an influence that can never be shaken, especially among the younger generation. These films are a must-see, perhaps even several times, to fully grasp the legacy of this humanist, no, this ‘true human being’.” Ramata Soré, journalist from Burkina Faso, Deutsche Welle
nThe Directors – Kollektiv Baraka: 
The drive to create different worlds led to the creation of Baraka in 2006 in the south of France (Occitania) although Baraka now resides in Paris. Baraka literally means ‘organised band’, a collective that brings together people willing to network amongst each other and connect the world through their actions. This kind of political, material and spiritual networking is crucial to Baraka’s essence. ‘We are what we do and we never relinquish our ideas or ideals.’ Baraka is a symbol of reflection, transformation, of resistance and action, of liberation and the construction of alternative lifestyles. 
More information available (in French) at:

Auf den Spuren von Thomas Sankara & Geteiltes Erbe
Documentary, France 2010, 2 x 82 min.
Date: Sunday 14 October 2012 at 3pm (Part I) and 5pm (Part II)
Location: Hackesche Höfe Kino, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, 10178 Berlin
S Hackescher Markt, U Rosenthaler Platz
Ticket reservation: (030) 283 46 03
Entry: 9,00€ (6,00€ for one part of the film)
Concessions: Berlinpass, Gildepass and Heavy User Card.
Further information:


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