In the Name of Civilisation! When the Elders Speak…


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In the Name of Civilisation! Vibrant testimonies of some Ewondo patriarchs on the colonial period: Philip Etoga, Owona Friedrich, Atangana Marc, Baba Ngambo and Aloys Essindi.

When the Elders Speak…

“Even from the shop, they (the Germans) bought nothing. They were doing things only for their power, the administrative power. Even if the White man does something with the administrativepower, he does not consider Blacks. I cannot lie to you. What was a Black at the German era? The Germans did not consider a Black man. A Black was considered only when he went to school. Once you go to school, you learn to read German books, they see you wearing a shirt…”

Author:                             Kum’a Ndumbe III
Languages:                      English, Ewondo

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