Successful screening of Namibian short films in London

AfricAvenir and Friends of Namibia organized on Thursday, December 12th, a great evening in London, screening Namibian films to Namibians in the diaspora, British people interested in Namibia, film lovers, and film professionals.nThe audiences was very appreciative of the screening and thanked the organizers AfricAvenir and Friends of Namibia to have brought "Try" by Joel Haikali, "100 Bucks" by Oshosheni Hiveluah, "Dead River" by Tim Huebschle, and "My beautiful nightmare" by Perivi Katjavivi to London. nAfter the screening, director of AfricAvenir Windhoek, Hans-Christian Mahnke, had a q-and-a session with the full house, answering questions on the specific films, the socio-economical reality of present day Namibia, the film industry in Namibia today and what the outlook on film production, distribution, film training, and international productions in Namibia promises.nIndustry professionals from London and France also attended the screening, planning to screen some of the films in future as well.nHans-Christian Mahnke (AfricAvenir) was pleased with the turnout and the potential offspring: "We appreciate the audiences showing up in such numbers. We had several requests by late-comers to repeat such a screening and have received many requests to purchase the films on dvd. A film curator from FilmAfrica (London) and a short film festival in France is also planning to schedule some of the films at the respective festivals. I think Namibian film is at the stage where we can move on and produce good feature films, interested and relevant for the audience in Namibia and the world. It is upon us all to make it happen."nThe screening received some extensive online media coverage, like ScreenAfrica ( (, AllAfricanCinema (, some TV and radio interviews with Hans-Christian Mahnke and the screening was reviewed afterwards by others, such as the well known website AfricaIsACountry  ( further questions, please contact: AfricAvenir, moc.liamelgoog@khw.rinevacirfa


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