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Évènements pour Écoles et Jeunes

Afin d’atteindre les jeunes et de contrecarrer les images le plus souvent négatives, eurocentristes et racistes données de l’Afrique par les médias allemands, AfricAvenir propose régulièrement des projections de films africains pour les écoles et met occasionnellement en œuvre des projets ciblant spécifiquement les jeunes et les écoles, tels que le projet de contes avec Babacar Mbaye Ndaak décrit ci-après.

Il n'y a pas d'évènement.

Special School Screening of "La Pirogue/The Pirogue" with Director Moussa Touré in Attendance, 3 June 2013

On June 3, 2013 AfricAvenir organised a special a school screening of the award-winning feature film "La Pirogue / The pirogue" (France / Senegal in 2012, 87 min., Original version with German subtitles), followed by a discussion with director Moussa Touré (TGV Express). In haunting images, Senegalese filmmaker Moussa Touré tells the story of a journey across the sea. The aim of the 30 men who have come together on the pirogue, are the Canary Islands. From there, they hope to realize their dreams as musicians or soccer players, or simply to gain a better life or some material wealth. The passengers are from different regions of Senegal and neighbouring Guinea, some have never seen the sea. Only captain Baye Laye, who only reluctantly has taken the command, is really aware of the dangers of the crossing. And so the dangerous journey begins. "Touré takes our breath away and lets us take part in the tragedy. The stories are not only designed to explain "why" people depart, but are concise and dense, contributing to a masterful narrative space in its purest cinematographic form." Hassouna Mansouri, Africiné

"African Tales tell story(s)" - 6 to 12 May 2006

The famous introduction "Once upon a time ..." stands for more than fantastic and incredible stories: Fairy tales reveal a people's worldview, values, and social codes of conduct. They symbolically reflect the reality and represent poetic parables of the past and the present. Tales serve not only to enchant the audience and carry them away into distant dream worlds. The traditional art of storytelling is both a medium of discussion, resistance and above all a political instrument. In the framework of the project "African tales tell story(s)" AfricAvenir invited the Senegalese storyteller Babacar Mbaye Ndaak. He will showcase his art from 6 to 12 May in Berlin and Potsdam at various events. AfricAvenir, in close cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and the Private Kant Schools Berlin, developed a diverse program, which in addition to storytelling evenings, features a film screening, a dialogue forum, a school project as well as a political conference on "Fairy Tales and Human Rghts".

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