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Forum de Dialogue

Dans le cadre de notre forum de dialogue, nous invitons régulièrement des académiciens, artistes et activistes africains, de la diaspora ou des intellectuels progresssistes pour venir présenter leur perspectives et les discuter avec le public. Notre but est de contrer la dominance toujours très virulente d'une expertise blanche à propos de l'Afrique et soutenir la visibilité de perspectives et discours africains.

Il n'y a pas d'évènement.

Quelques thèmes des séries précédentes

2013/2014: Decolonial Objections Against the Humboldt Forum

The so-called “Humboldt-Forum”, the centerpiece of the reconstructed Berlin Palace, will host the ethnological collections from Africa, Asia and the Americas. But what kind of symbolism is being created when the ethnological collections, which to a considerable extent are the result of looting during colonial times, are shown behind a Prussian façade, Prussia being the architect of German colonialism?  In order to raise this question and to stimulate a public debate about German colonialism, AfricAvenir hosted Dialogue Forums which took a critical and decidedly decolonial look at recent developments. The project “Berlin Palace – Humboldt Forum” was questioned in content and form from African and Afro-European perspectives.

2012-2013: Paradoxes of Sustainability - How Socially Responsible are Green Technologies?

Shaken by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the conservative-liberal German Federal Government in March 2011 decided to take gradual steps to withdraw from nuclear energy by 2022. Based on the so-called nuclear agreement and the resulting “Energetic Turn” (Energiewende) introduced in Germany, we asked ourselves, “How socially responsible are green technologies?” and what exactly does their international raise mean for African countries and societies? African experts were invited to give share their experience on these issues and based on their inputs, policy recommendations were formulated.

2010: Dialogue Forum on „50 Years of African In-Dependences - A (self)critical Review“

In the framework of our 2010 project „50 Years of African In-Dependencies - A (self)critical Review“ AfricAvenir, in cooperation with August-Bebel-Institute organised six dialogue forums with African academics and activists which brought African perspectives into the discussions on colonialism and anti-colonial movements of independence. The dialogue forums were accompanied by weekend-workshops in the framework of which it was possible to focus in-depth on the issues that had come up during the previous dialogue forums.

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