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À nos morts
AfricAvenir Porject Archive

Project Archive

This page features some of the Highlights of AfricAvenir's past projects and events, thereby documenting the political and cultural education work we have been doing since many years in Cameroon, Germany, Nambia and Austria.

Picture by Jörg Peter (Zenobi)
AfricAvenir Project Paradoxes of Sustainability

Paradoxes of Sustainability

Shaken by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the conservative-liberal German Federal Government in March 2011 decided to take gradual steps to withdraw from nuclear energy by 2022. Based on the so-called nuclear agreement and the resulting “Energetic Turn” (Energiewende) introduced in Germany, we ask ourselves, “How socially responsible are green technologies?” and what exactly does their international raise mean for African countries and societies? This follows on from our 2011 project “Social Movements in Africa” in the context of the exhaustive extraction of raw materials and trade, seeing as numerous NGOs, trade unions, churches and civil society initiatives in Africa put topics such as labour legislation, ecology, land grabbing and fair trade conditions high up on the agenda.

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Solo by Tchekpo Agbetou
AfricAvenir Project Re/Visions

RE/VISIONS: Contemporary Art Perspectives from Africa

RE/VISIONS: Contemporary Arts Perspectives from Africa presents a variety of works by African artists from different countries in Film, Contemporary Dance, Music, Video-Art and Literature. RE/VISIONS is an invitation to take a closer look and to confront one's own opinions and perspectives with the ideas, visions and imaginations of African artists.

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Charles Onana
AfricAvenir Project Africa in World War II

Africa in World in World War II

Between 1st and 20th September 2009, AfricAvenir presented a Festival on the vital role Africans played in World War II. Central to this more than necessary commemoration was the German Premiere of a Hip Hop Musical named "À nos morts" (The Forgotten Liberators), as well as many film screenings, lectures, workshops, exhibition tours and concerts. Framing this program, AfricAvenir presented the the most comprehensive exhibition to date on the topic of "The Third World in World War II"produced and curated by recherche international. The events took place at Uferhallen in Berlin-Wedding.

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Picture by Daniela Incoronato
AfricAvenir Project 200 Years Later

200 Years Later... In Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the official abolition of the European Slave Trade

On the occasion of the international commemoration marking the bicentenary of the official abolition of the "Maafa" (European TRansatlantic Slave Trade), AfricAvenir International e.V. and the Werkstatt der Kulturen presented an interdisciplinary commemorative event series entitled “200 Years Later...”. From November 23-30, 2008, we honored the men and women of African descent who had the courage and strength to resist and fight one of the greatest crimes against humanity. Through an exhibition, lectures, workshops, performances and films, the various resistance strategies against the deportation developed by the affected people on the African continent and in the Americas were celebrated. During the Opening Ceremony of the Festival, the President of UNESCO's Executive Council, Ambassador Joseph Olabiyi Babalola Yai awarded the organizers with the Toussaint Louverture Medal, which "celebrates contribution to the struggle against domination, racism and intolerance".

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