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AfricAvenir Projects Douala

Projects in Cameroon

This page features the latest news about the projects implemented by the Cameroonian section of AfricAvenir. Since its creation 30 years ago, AfricAvenir has implemented many projects. Since its relaunch in 2004, one of the central projects of the AfricAvenir headquarter is the editing and publication of Cameroonian and African authors in its Publishinh House Editions AfricAvenir / Exchange & Dialogue. Besides this big task, it has invested much efforts in the relations with the African Diaspora in the Americas wishing to reconnect with the land of their ancestors. Revisiting colonialism as well as paying tribute to personalities and movements which have resisted is another topic, AfricAvenir has prominently taken up in Cameroon, as well as the vigorous call for the return of looted artefacts.

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