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Aminata Traoré, Picture by Sera Cakal
AfricAvenir Berlin Projects - Aminata Traoré

Projects in Germany

AfricAvenir in Germany organises a multitude of events in the fields of political and cultural education, always and consciously putting African and Diaspora perspectives at the centre of the discussions. Starting 2008, when we commemorated the 200 years abolition of the "Maafa" (Slave Trade), AfricAvenir has started chosing one or two main topics for the year which normally translate into broader projects. 2009 was dedicated to "Africa in the Second World War", which was followed in 2010 by "50 Years of African In-Dependences" and in 2011, on the occasion of the World Social Forum in Dakar, by "Social Movements and African Renaissance". 2012 and 2013 was dominated by a project called "Paradoxies of Sustainability, during which we took a critical look at how socially responsible the so-called "Green Technologies" are and what the raise of these technologies actually means for Africa. In 2013, AfricAvenir also started the project "Decolonial Objections Against the Humboldt Forum" questioning the re-building of the Berlin Castle and the unreflected exhibition of mostly looted art. In August 2014, we are starting a project called "African Perspectives on Global Challenges - Special Focus on the Post-2015-Agenda Process". Besides these rather big projects, AfricAvenir organises a multitude of smaller events, workshops and screenings.

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Decolonial Objections Against the Humboldt Forum

The so-called “Humboldt-Forum”, the centerpiece of the reconstructed Berlin Palace, will host the ethnological collections from Africa, Asia and the Americas. But what kind of symbolism is being created when the ethnological collections, which to a considerable extent are the result of looting during colonial times, are shown behind a Prussian façade, Prussia being the architect of German colonialism?  In order to raise this question and to stimulate a public debate about German colonialism, AfricAvenir will host Dialogue Forums and a touring exhibition which take a critical and decidedly decolonial look at recent developments from September 2013 onwards. To prevent – or at least scandalize – the inauguration of yet another eurocentric and restorative museum, the colonial history of ethnological objects will be discussed and the project “Berlin Palace – Humboldt Forum” will be questioned in content and form from African and Afro-European perspectives.

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african reflections - AfricAvenir's African Film Series at Hackesche Höfe Kino in Berlin

Beyond the narrow perspectives of the dominant European or US-American media, which mostly reduce the African continent to misery or exotism, African film makers shed a fresh light on the continent's developments and allow for a more differentiated insight into the diversity of the continent and its most pressing social challenges. Since 2004 AfricAvenir International e.V. has presented an average of 15 African movies and documentaries per year in the framework of its Film Series. Beyond this, we regularly organise school screenings, and occasionally festivals, film seminars and film tours.

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