50 years of Algerian independence: „Chronique des années de braise / Chronicles of the years of fire“, Original with english subtitles, Sunday, 11 November, 4 pm

On Sunday, 11 November 2012 at 4pm, AfricAvenir in cooperation with the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Algeria and Yedd e.V. invites to the screening of the algerian classic and winner of the Golden Palme in Cannes (1975) „Chronique des années de braise / Chronicles of the years of fire“ (Original with engl. subtitles) by Mohammdad Lakhdar Hamina. This epic master piece – whose history begins in 1939 and ends on 11 November 1954 – shows through selected historical events that the 1st of November 1954 – the official date of the beginning of the Algerian War – was the culmination of a long battle of resistance waged by the people of Algeria which already started with the landing of the French in 1830.

Winner of the Golden Palme in Cannes 1975.

After the film there will be a public discussion with the historian Dr. Radouane Belakhdar, followed by a small reception in the cinema’s lobby sponsored by the Algerien Embassy. 

Chronique des années de braise tells the story of Ahmed, an impoverished farmer who leaves his village in search of a better life in the city. He meets Milhoud, an visionary, but is also confronted with misery and colonial injustice. Through the story of Ahmed and his family we witness the long-standing resistance and freedom-movement over generations of the Algerian people against the French colonial regime. The film – its history begins in 1939 and ends on 11 November 1954 – shows through selected historical events that the 1st of November 1954 was the culmination of a long battle of resistance which already started with the landing of the French on july 5, 1830.

The film is a lyrical epic about the events leading to the Algerian independence war against France. Prior to the Cannes festival, a heated debate evolved whether the film should be admitted at all. Because of bomb threats, the festival was brought to a standstill. The members of the jury were put under pressure, the Algerian delegation received death treats and two bombs eventually exploded nearby the festival. In spite of this polemic the film was rewarded the prestigious Golden Palme. This made the film-maker Mohammdad Lakhdar Hamina the prize’s first (North)African and Arabic winner.

Nonwithstanding this important award and the public appraisal as pioneer classic, "Chronique des années de braise" remainded widely unnoticed until today and rarely made it into the movie theatres. The more we appreciate the research of our Windhoek section and the support of the Algerian Embassy of Berlin, enabling us to show the master piece in Berlin. 

"Chronique des années de braise" is an extraordinary film. It’s message is as relevant today as it was in 1975. It is not a normal production. Every scene is a perfectly staged mis-en-scène. The pictures, especially the wide-angle photographs with large scenery by famous cinematograph Marcello Gatti (known for ‚Battle of Algiers‘) can compete with every contemporary Hollywood production.

The Director
Mohammdad Lakhdar Hamina is one of the most important figures of Algerian filmmaking. When the War of Algeria started, he moved to Tunis, where he worked for the Algerian Interim Government (GPRA). After his return to Algier in 1962, he founded the „Office des Actualités Algérien“ and later directed the „Office National pour le Commerce et l’Industrie Cinématographique“ (ONCIC). His first full-scale movie „Le Vent des Aurès“ was already decorated at the Cannes filmfestival in 1967. “Decembre” (1972) is a moving and in-depth analysis of the psychology and moral dilemma in which a French soldier and a Algerian resistance fighter find themselves. Both fighters oppose each other in a will-fight when the level of torture escalates during an interrogation. With “Chronique des années de braise” in 1975 he wins the Golden Palme in Cannes. 

Filmographyn1966 : Le Vent des Aurès (Rih al awras)
1968 : Hassan Terro (Hasan Tiru)
1973 : Décembre(Dicember)
1975 : Chronique des années de braise (Waqai sanawat al-djamr)
1982 : Vent de sables
1986 : La Dernière image (Al-sûr al-akhira)

Chronique des années de braise / Chronicles of the years of fire
Algeria 1975, 177 min.
Director: Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina
with Jorgo Voyagis (Ahmed), Mohammed Lakhdar-Haminia (Milhoud) and Sid Ali Kouiret (Said) 

Sunday, 11. November 2012
4 pm
16.00 Uhr
Entrance fee: 7,50€
: Berlinpass, Gildepass, Heavy User Card, Filmreihe-Pass (further information: www.hoefekino.de/preise-und-rabatte)

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