AfricAvenir & Spoken Word present “Words in Motion – Poetry meets Film”

On Wednesday, 06 February, AfricAvenir & Spoken Word will present a first in Namibia. In the opening show of Spoken Word in 2013 we will show four magnificent African short films, in between we will have local wordweavers presents pieces of poetry about the films and the topics addressed.
Venue: Warehouse, 19h30 for 20h00. 

More info:!/groups/spokenwordnam/nThe Films are:
Lezare – For Today, Ethiopia, directed by Zelalem Woldemariam, 14 min
A small homeless boy, Abush, wakes up hungry early in the morning in a small village. Right in front of where he is sleeping, there is a bakery. He can smell the bread, but he does not have any money. He starts to beg to buy bread but no one pays him any attention. The villagers are busy preparing for the tree-planting event that afternoon. Finally, an elderly man gives Abush some money, but asks him to help with the tree-planting first. But, the day is long and getting food is so hard…

Zebu and the Photofish, Kenya/Uganda, directed by Zippy Nyaruri, 13 min
Set in a close-knit fishing village, to the disbelief of his father, Zebu embarks on an adventure to rid his dad of debt, have his mother’s illness treated, and stabilize his family for good.nWe also walked on the Moon, DRC/Algeria, directed by Balufu Bakupa Kanyinda, 11 min
The film is set in 1969 as Apollo 11 approaches the moon. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire as it was then) there is debate between elders who were educated in missionary schools and follow a more Western fundamentalist interpretation of history and progressives who are learning a wider more scientific knowledge. Interspersed with images of African liberation, there is also a nod towards the ancient science that allowed Africans to know about cosmology and geography millennia ago. nRestless Wandering, Tunisia/Algeria, directed by Nouri Bouzid, with late actor Sotigui Kuyate in his last role, 10 min
Restless Wandering is set in Tunisia with the late Sotigui Kouyate, in what must have been one of his last outings, as a griot who shares his wisdom with local children. The reasoning is cut short by the arrival of a local official who struggles to understand the Kouyate’s lack of attachment to material possessions or nationality.


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