Berlin Preview of ’’La Pirogue’’ in presence of director Moussa Touré, June 3, 2013, 20h00 at Hackesche Höfe Cinema, Berlin

Onthe occasion of its Berlin cinema release, AfricAvenir and Sunugal e.V. invite you on Sunday, June 3rd 2013 at 20h00 to the Berlin Preview of the multiple awards winning movie ’’La Pirogue’’ at Hackesche Höfe Cinema in presence of Senegalese director Moussa Touré. Set in enthralling motions, Moussa Touré narrates the story of a risk-taking and often deadly journey across the sea. The 30 men, who came together on the pirogue aim to reach the Canary Isles. From here they aspire to realize their dreams, becoming Musicians, Soccer players or to simply get a job on a Spanish plantation. Some of the passengers that gathered from different regions of Senegal as well as neighbouring countries have never even laid eyes on the sea. Only captain Baye Laye, who has reluctantly taken commando, is acquainted with the dangers of the crossing. And this is how the hazardous passage on the pirogue begins, which reveals itself to be a great challenge to the men. n’’Touré takes our breath away and allows us to closely partake in this abhorrent tragedy. The stories are not only designed to explain the ’Why’ of the phenomena, but are terse and dense in order to give room to a truthful masterly narration.’’ (Hassouna Mansouri, Africiné) nThe screening will be followed by a discussion with director Moussa Touré as well as by a small reception in the cinema foyer. nThe event takes place in cooperation with the Evangelisches Zentrum für entwicklungsbezogene Filmarbeit (EZEF), Brot für die Welt, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Planète Métis, RFI, Berlin Poche,, Berlin Postkolonial, Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag and the Initiative for Black People in Germany. nFurther, on Monday, June 3, 2013 at 11 am a special school screening will take place. Entry per pupil 4€, accompanying teacher free. Information and registry at: gro.rinevacirfa@uderiw.j n


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Set in a Senegalese fishing village, La Pirogue unravels on the trail of thirty intending migrants aboard a boat to Spain’s Canary Islands. In its running time of 87 minutes, the film takes the viewer on a cruise that never drags. Souleymane Seye Ndiaye plays Baye Laye, the film’s male lead, takes on his role with the strength and presence it deserves. Initially reluctant to board the boat, Baye eventually accepts the duty, alone to spare his inexperienced younger brother from certain death. Lansana, the laggard, puts off a group from Fulbe that is impatiently waiting for the promised departure. Additionally, 10 men form Guinea who can only communicate with the Fulbe with the help of a translator and have partly never seen the sea, join the group. Strengthened by some men from Dakar the group is now big enough to depart… nOnly captain Baye Laye is acquainted with the dangers of the passage. Not few pirogues have been dragged into the wide Atlantic Ocean by the dangerous current and have thus never attained their destination. While some of the young men dream of a career as soccer players or musicians, the few elderly men aspire to obtain an occupation on the Spanish vegetable plantation. As such the pirogue commences its journey. Firstly appearing to be big and well equipped, it is soon diminished to a miniscule dot in the width of the Ocean. nReviews
’Touré’s La Pirogue (also called "Goor Fitt") is a story of survival, and in spite of the characters‘ bumpy ride, the story is emotional and thrilling. Showing his deft mastery of the camera as a narrative tool, Touré, who also previously directed TGV and Toubab Bi, is at his best in La Pirogue.’’(Aderinsola Ajao, Africiné) n„The most powerful thing about “La Pirogue” is the way it deals with emotionally charged events matter-of-factly, rather than melodramatically. The story Mr. Touré has chosen to tell is both painfully specific — about these individuals, in this boat — and immeasurably vast, since the experience it depicts is shared by millions of people around the world. And yet somehow he gets the scale just right.“ (The New York Times) nNominated in the category ’Un certain regard’ at the Cannes Festival in 2012, La Piroge was screened to enthusiastic acclaim (…) A film of extraordinary authenticity, wonderfully played out by it actors. A breath-catching and stirring adventure one would have expected to be packaged in the form of a documentary, however, through fiction, Touré is able to trigger our emotions (…) It ideals with a reality already treated in numerous documentaries and reports, yet, it is the first time that the public is able to virtually be part of the risky voyage.” (TV5). n’’La Pirogue is a captivating film, nail biting and suspenseful.’’ (L’Express) n’’A call for Humanity’’ (L’Humanité) n“Well-told stories of true grit are rare in African cinema. Depicting one of life’s harshest conditions in the most beautiful cinematic style, Moussa Touré delivers a masterpiece with La Pirogue.’’ (Aderinsola Ajao, Africiné) n’’Fully immersed in truth, ’’La Pirogue’’ wants to mirror the existential impasse of the societies affected by misery. It also shows the impasse of those, who, as the director himself, feel powerless when faced with the absurd and remorseless reality.’’ (Hassouna Mansouri,Africiné) n’’… in 2006, on the peak of a new migration wave, 32.000 migrants, under the leadership of Senegalese fishermen, reached the Canary Isles. Over 1000 of them drowned that year, thousands have been listed as missed. ’’La Pirogue’’ elucidates, on the basis of clear-cut, impressive but never sensational motions, on the message behind the numbers.’’ (from the motivation Film of the month of the jury of the evangelic film project, April 2013) n’’Moussa Touré displays the boat as the microcosmos of Africa, inhabited by men and women of various cultures, who at times face communicational difficulties, however, succeed in settling their differences for the duration of the passage. ’’La Pirogue’’ narrates their past, their stories, and their motivation to face the ocean with boldness. Detached from emotions, the film tells the story of survival hidden to the public gaze. It displays the fear, cowardliness and friendships that evolve among the passengers, who, without water and food courageously face the storm, on their boat of good fortune." (Elisabeth Lequeret, RFI) nAwardsn

  • Selection Festival de Cannes  2012 – Un Certain Regard
  • ARRI-Price at Filmfest Munich 2012, Best International Film
  • Journées cinématographiques de Carthage 2012 – Tanit d’Or (grand price)
  • Festival panafricain du cinéma et de la télévision de Ouagadougou FESPACO
  • 2013, Bronze Yenenga

nAbout the director Moussa Touré
Born in Dakar, Senegal, Moussa Touré enters the film industry as an electrician, becoming assistant director and finally directing his first own short, “Baram,” in 1987. His first feature, “Toubab Bi,” made in 1991, is honoured with awards at numerous film festivals. In 1987 he founds with Les Films du Crocodile his own production company in Dakar, primarily to finance his documentary works for which he receives numerous awards. In 1997 he directs “TGV Express” which is a real popular success in Africa and wins the Special Jury Prize at the Namur Festival and the Audience Award at the 1998 Mannheim Festival. After further short-, documentary and grand movies, he founds the ’’ Moussa Invite“ Film festival in Rufisque, Senegal showcasing African documentaries. In 2011 he is nominated to chair the jury of the documentary film section at FESPACO, the Pan-African film festival in Ouagadougou. nFilmography: nFeatures:n

  • 2012 DIE PIROGE
  • 1998 TGV-EXPRESS
  • 1992 TOUBAB BI


  • 2012 DIOLA
  • 2005 NANGADEF
  • 2004 5X5

Director: Moussa TOURÉ
Script and Dialogues: Éric NÉVÉ, David BOUCHET
Based on the a book by: Abasse NDIONE
Camera: Thomas LETELLIER
Sound: Martin BOISSAU, Agnès RAVEZ, Antoine BAUDOUIN, Thierry DELOR
Music: Prince Ibrahima NDOUR
Film Editor: Josie MILJEVIC
Producer: Éric NÉVÉ, Oumar SY, Adrien MAIGNE, Caroline DAUBE
Production Company: Les Chauves-Souris Paris, Astou Films Senegal, ARTE, Appaloosa Films, LCS, Studio 37
Co-Production: Royal Pony Film nCast:
Baye Laye: Souleymane Seye NDIAYE
Lansana: Laïty FALL
Abou: Malamine DRAMÉ «Yalenguen»
Samba: Balla DIARRA
Barry: Salif «Jean» DIALLO
Kaba: Babacar OUALY
Nafy: Mame Astou DIALLO
Yaya: Saikou LÔ
Aziz: Ngalgou DIOP
Richard: Limamou NDIAYE
Kiné: Diodio NDIAYE
Mor: Mohamed FALL
u.v.a. nLa Pirogue / The Pirogue
France, Senegal 2012, 87 min., Original with German Subtitles, FSK ab 12 Jahren
nSunday, 2 June 2013
nMonday, 3 June 2013
nAdmission Fee: 7,50€
nMonday, 3 June 2013
11h00 School Screening
(Registration: gro.rinevacirfa@uderiw.j)
Admission Fee: 4 € (Accompanying teachers free) nTickets and Information
030 283 46 03 nHackesche Höfe Kino
Rosenthaler Str. 40/41
10178 Berlin
S Hackescher Markt
U Weinmeisterstraße


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