Dialogue Forum with Sanou Mbaye: Africa and Europe: Who is developing whom actually? Economic ways to African independence based on self-sustaining development, 7/11/2012, 19h, GLS Sprachenzentrum

Within the framework of our long term focus on |+| endogeneous ways of development AfricAvenir invites you in cooperation with Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD), AFROTAK TV cyberNomads and jozi.tv to a dialogue forum on 7 November 2012 at 7 pm at the GLS Sprachenzentrum with the Senegalese economist Sanou Mbaye on the topic "Africa and Europe: Who is developing whom actually? Economic ways to African independence based on self-sustaining development".  In Europe the common perception of the world builds on a myth nurtured over centuries: The deep rooted belief in the own superiority in civilisation to the rest of the world, which is believed having been the sole origin for the present wealth and prosperity. With development cooperation and direct foreign investments, so the unchallenged belief, Europe is „helping“ Africa to develop itself. But does this perception reflect reality? Have there really been that many changes in the African-European relations over the centuries in which Europe laid the foundation of its economic predominance of today through slavery and colonialism?nThe renowned economic expert Sanou Mbaye will provide specific answers to this question. To clarify who is actually „developing“ whom, he will analyse the actual capital flows between Africa and Europe. Within this Mbaye will deliver answers to the question who actually profits from the „special case“ which is the Franc CFA monetary system in most of the French speaking African countries. After this review, Mbaye will, out of an African perspective, present possible monetary and economical alternatives aiming to support an independent development in Africa. Which perspectives could be established from the creation of an African Central Bank and an African Monetary Fund? Which economic potentials would arise from an African diaspora bank in order to canalise the private capital flows between the diaspora and the continent? Mbaye also draws his conclusions from the analysis of the last decades of failed structural adjustment programs by the World Bank and the IMF. In times of the Euro crisis those experiences should be taken seriously especially in Europe.nSanou Mbaye
Sanou Mbaye is a London-based Senegalese development consultant and a former senior official at the African Development Bank. He is the author of "L’Afrique au secours de l’Afrique" (Africa to the rescue of Africa). Sanou Mbaye has also written extensively on Africa and its economies and his articles have been published in Le Monde Diplomatique and Jeune Afrique. Sanou Mbaye shows that Africa already has the cards in its hands to carry out its own development. The author dissects the structural causes of the failure that has dragged African people into a spiral of poverty and violence. He makes western responsibilities clear without hiding those of Africa itself. His lucid, multi-dimensional analysis offers a wide range of innovative solutions which will allow Africans to take charge of their own development.nWednesday, 7 November 2012
Entrance: Donation

GLS Sprachenzentrum, Lounge

Kastanienallee 82 
10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
U 2 Eberswalder Str.
U 8 Rosenthaler Platz
M1 Schwedter Str.nCooperation: Lecture by Sanou Mbaye within the lecture series "Africa: rethinking it radically new?" by the OSI-Club: "Africa as a new economic power: What are the driving forces and how could this growth be sustained?", 6 November 2012, 18h, Henry-Ford-Bau (Hörsaal C), Garystr. 35, U 3 Thielplatz; |+| More infos


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