Decolonize the Schools: Understanding Colonial History – Unlearning Racism

The educational project “Decolonise the Schools: Understanding Colonial History – Unlearning Racism” promotes the dismantling of racism in everyday life and in lesson content at Berlin schools. For this purpose, we have been offering schools a comprehensive package for the long-term dismantling of racism since 2022. With a focus on colonial history, racism is understood and dealt with as a system of power and as the continuation of colonial rule.

School Workshops

In our workshops and project days, we sensitise pupils to the topics of racism and colonialism.

In the workshops, colonial history and racism are analysed and brought into the present. Our speakers provide critical and non-Eurocentric perspectives that can supplement the often inadequate content of textbooks. They work in an age-appropriate way and with humour. They also convey a realistic and differentiated understanding of Africa.

We are also happy to advise and support students directly on request.

Trainings for Teachers

Our training courses offer suggestions for reflection, background information and teaching materials.

The aim is to develop a personal connection to the topic and your own attitude. We provide suggestions on how colonial history and racism can be dealt with in the classroom. You will be supported in gaining confidence in the topics and in the use of language. You will learn creative methods that are easy to use. We also address the question of how anti-racism can be strengthened in everyday school life beyond the classroom.

Teachers are welcome to contact us for additional advice.

Networking Meetings for Parents & Children

We offer counselling, empowerment and networking meetings for parents and children.

We offer meetings for parents of Black children and children of colour where they can exchange ideas about everyday life in schools in a racist system, network and encourage each other. These meetings are led by speakers and supported by inputs. We offer interpreting if required. At the same time, empowerment workshops are organised for the parents’ children.

We are also happy to organise anti-racism workshops for parents on request.


We are happy to advise you on questions and hurdles that may arise in the process of unlearning racism. Write to us and arrange an appointment with us.

E-Mail: gro.rinevacirfa@ezinoloced

The Team

Boaz Murinzi Murema (Project management)

Maria Leue (Project coordination)

Leonie Rupp (Project assistance)

Paul Suckow (Project assistance)



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