Waah! They are Killers! This is Sorcery! When the Elders Speak…


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Waah! They are Killers! This is Sorcery! Cameroon: Colonial violence in the Bamileke land of Bangoulap, Bamena & Bana, 1884-1916. Testimony of old Papa Djabeu Tanga from Bamena.

When the Elders Speak…

“Well, it was everybody’s joy to have the White man here. When he arrived… Look at my buttocks, it’s ugly at sight. The whip, ahaa! He laidme down on the ground, at the border of our sacred place with Bazou […] he gave me fifty lashes there […] And then he imprisoned my late father […] for six months. In the mornings he would take him out to be spanked.He would whip, whip, whip […] It’s not possible! He terrorized me […] if you regurgitate […] they hang you or shoot you on the spot. You are hanged, in front of the population […] to better subordinate the people, the Chief was hanged in live…”

Author:                             Kum’a Ndumbe III
Languages:                      English, Medumba

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