FILM: A Cidade das Mulheres (Die Stadt der Frauen), OmengU

A Cidade das Mulheres (Die Stadt der Frauen) zeigt ein intimes Portrait afrikanischer Religionen in Bahia, Brasilien, und das matriarchale System, das diese Traditionen aufrecht erhält. Anschließende Diskussion mit Dr. Grada Kilomba, Autorin. Eintritt: 5 € / erm. 3 €. nA Cidade das Mulheres
Regie: Lazaro Faria, Brazil, 2002, 72 Min. OmenglU
The film is in Portuguese with English subtitles.
Am: Montag, den 24. November 2008
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr
Ort: Werkstatt der Kulturen (Wissmannstr. 32, 12049 Berlin)
Eintritt: 5 Euro/ erm. 3 Euro
The documentary film A Cidade das Mulheres (The City of Women) presents an intimate view of African religious traditions in Bahia, Brazil. It features Mae Stella de Oxossi, perhaps the most influential figure in Bahia’s Candomble community. Mae Stella is the head priestess from Axe Opo Afonja, founded in 1910 and is one of the most important “terreiros” (African spiritual communities) in Salvador, Bahia. In the film Mae Stella explains from a feminine perspective, the history of Candomble in Bahia, and the matriarchal system of power created and controlled by the women who practice these traditions. A tribute to many notable women who appear in the film, Cidade das Mulheres also pays tribute to Ruth Landes, the North-American anthropologist, who in the late nineteen-thirties, came to Bahia to perform research. She published her findings – The City of Women – in 1947. The documentary is filled with images of popular festivities which celebrate African spiritual traditions, and the stunning natural beauty of the city of Salvador. nRegisseur
Brazilian producer and director Lazaro Faria is a film maker/anthropologist who uses his video camera to teach about his beloved country. Faria is an expert story-teller with an artist’s eye and sensibility to color and detail. A resident of Salvador, Bahia, his most recent award winning productions focus on two very important African-Brazilian subjects – Candomblé and Capoeira. – the practice of Yoruba based spiritual traditions in Salvador and African-Brazilian martial art Capoeira Angola.


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