Press Release: The Position of the OCD-1904 on the Genocide Motion in the German Bundestag

The OCD-1904 condemns the CDU/CSU and FDP coalition for voting against the motions tabled by the Left Party and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens Party respectively. It was irresponsible for the coalition to vote against the wishes of the victims of the Genocide which have been loudly emphasized during the restitution of the Namibian skulls from Berlin in September 2011.

We anticipated that the conservative majority of CDU/CSU and FDP will vote against both emotions based on their known history of alliance with racist repressive regimes. These are the very same parties whose leaders have vested interest in Namibian commercial farms while the victims of the German genocide are languishing in draught stricken reserved areas (communal areas) tactically created by the German colonial administration to deny the Africans access to land ownership.

The irresponsible behavior by coalition parties in German Bundestag is a clear illustration that the descendants of the victims of the Genocide should not expect any constructive initiative from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in its current form. The OCD-1904 therefore, advocates a mass mobilization of the German public and the international solidarity to change the policy of the present and future governments of Germany regarding the issue of
the Genocide committed against our people.

Finally, the OCD-1904 hole heartedly commends the Left Party for the excellent performance in championing the aspirations of the Namibian people by calling on the German Bundestag for the acknowledgement of the Genocide, official Apology and Restorative Justice for the affected communities. We equally, thank the SPD for tabling similar motion even though it felt short of calling for Restorative Justice. We equally thank the Alliance of German NGOs who expressed their solidarity with the people of Namibia during the motion in German Bundestag. An injury to one human kind is an injury to all human races.

Issued by OCD 1904
Windhoek, 29 March 2012

Ueriuka F. Tjikuua (Secretary: OCD-1904)

Alfons Kaihepovazandu Maharero
Supreme Chief of the Ovaherero and Chairman: OCD 1904


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