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Should I Accept Sorcerers? When the Elders Speak…


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Should I Accept Sorcerers? Testimony of the Bamoun patriarch Nji Fifen Kouendap ANDRÉ on colonisation. When the Elders Speak…

“Hmmm, when there was something bad, the White man would tell the King and he would punish that person. But these people were… They were like wizards… They were bad people because when you didn’t obey them, they would hurt you. Whenthey were here, the King always had all his powers at his disposal. They didn’t take anything. The only thing they had forbidden the King was towage war against a foreign king. The King refused because he didn’t wantthe administrator to cohabit with him in Foumban, since it was said that the administrator…“

Author:                             Kum’a Ndumbe III
Languages:                      English, Shupamem

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