Video: “If we really want to change the world, we need to bring the voices of African women to the center!”

In this inspiring talk, Theo Sowa challenges the myths on which today’s world seems to run, namely that all African women are victims, and as victims can’t contribute to finding solutions. If we really want the big picture, if we really want to change the world, states Theo Sowa, we need to bring African women to the center instead of marginalizing their voices. Theo Sowa demonstrates that it’s a mere illusion that there are only a few women leaders on the African continent by introducing the audience to women like Giselle Yitamben from Cameroon, who changed the economic security of women in rural areas, or Ida Mukuka, a Zambian HIV/Aids-activist, just to name two of the thousands. n nTheo Sowa herself is an independent advisor and consultant, specialized in international social development with a particular emphasis on women and children’s rights and protection issues. Born in Ghana, she has lived and worked all around the world.


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