Zimbabwean Premiere: „The Lion’s Point of View“ by Hip Hop Star Didier Awadi, at Book Café, WED, 1st August 2012, 6 p.m.

On Wednesday, 1st August 2012 at 6 p.m., the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe in cooperation with Book CaféMagambaPamberi Trust  and AfricAvenir is presenting the Zimbabwean premiere of the panafricanist documentary film "Lions Point of View" by senegalese HipHop star Didier Awadi (2011, Original with English subtitles) at Book Café, 139 S. Machel Av./ 6th Street, Harare, Entrance: FREE. As with rapping, Awadi sees making films as an act of speaking out militantly and demanding a mental and cultural African revolution. The result is a decidedly pan-African, deliberately subjective and revolutionary documentary whose power of impact leaves little to be desired. 

“50 years of independence. They promised us happiness and prosperity. Nowadays young Africans climb into simple wooden boats, they cross the desert and the sea towards Eldorado.” Why? What are the deeper reasons? And how could it come this far? These were the starting questions from director and hip hop star Didier Awadi. For several years he interviewed ex-presidents and ministers, important UN officials, writers, artists, historians, activists and lay migrants and refugees: 44 people who analyse the situation of their continent and they do not mince matters! The result is a decidedly Pan-African, deliberately subjective and revolutionary documentary whose power of impact leaves little to be desired.

About the director
Didier Awadi is undoubtedly the most visible figure of French-speaking African rap. He won the RFI World Music award in 2003 and already has an impeccable career behind him. Bitten by the hip hop virus when he was a teenager he became a DJ and rapper towards the mid-80s. He then founded the Positive Black Soul with Doug E. Tee which left its mark on international rap with tours in Africa and the world; they brought the house down wherever they sang – New York, Johannesburg or Paris. Awadi then released solo albums which were an artistic success. The rapper showed his intelligent sense of Pan-Africanism, tackling a host of crucial issues such as the debt, a dilapidated heritage and political tensions. On April 1st 2010, during the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Senegal, Awadi finally released his multidisciplinary project Présidents d’Afrique (Presidents of Africa) which he had been working on for seven years and directed his first documentary „Le Point de vue du lion“ („The Lion’s point of view“).

AfricAvenir has realised the subtitles of this film in German, English and Spanish. Polish and Kiswahili are soon to follow. For Screening Rights in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, please contact info(at)africavenir.org 

The Lion’s Point of View
Director: Didier Awadi, SN 2011
With Abdou Diouf, Amadou Moctar Mbow, Cheikh Hamidou Kane, Aminata Traoré, Téophile Obenga, Amady Aly Dieng, Taoufik Ben Abdalah, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Moussa Dembélé, and many more
Date: Wed, 1st August 2012, Time: 6 p.m.
Venue: Book Café, 139 S. Machel Av./ 6th Street, Harare
Entrance: Free

"Technically speaking this is no Spielberg or Spike Lee film. Our goal is to bring across a pan-African message. Don’t expect any naive objectivity. Our intention is purely subjective. Our purpose is revolutionary. We assume responsibility for this.” Didier Awadi

“African policies are determined from the outside, not by Africans themselves. They should be allowed to express what they think about current policies, colonisation, de-colonisation, foreign military bases on their territory, the colonial currency still used today, questions about migration. We welcome the whole world here, but nobody wants to welcome us anywhere. It is a hypocrisy that we must name, shame and fight against.” Didier Awadi in conversation with Olivier Barlet, Africultures

"Against the background of blatant racism the debates surrounding “illegal immigration” and the consequent questions over security are becoming more and more omnipresent in the West. Meanwhile Africans, those mainly affected by this discriminatory practice, hardly react. However, Didier Awadi, did not want to keep quiet." afrik.com


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