AfricAvenir Windhoek and the FNCC present „Rhodesia Countdown“ and „The Tunnel“, Wednesday, 11 December 2013, 18h30

On Wednesday, 11 December 2013 at 18h30, AfricAvenir Windoek and the FNCC invite to the screening of Rhodesia Countdown by Michael Raeburn (Zimbabwe 1969, 35 min) and The Tunnel by Jenna Bass (South Africa 2009, 24 min). "Rhodesia Countdown" explores the conflicts within Rhodesian society in 1969. The ‘Countdown’ theme demonstrates stage by stage, the levels of indignity, injustice and degradation one black man endures before finally starting to fight back against his white master. Using actors to tell different parts of the story, Raeburn’s film gives an insight into typical attitudes in the society at the time.nA small, brave and principled group of white Rhodesians speak out against the injustices of white minority rule in (then) Rhodesia, filmed at the time when the Smith government was at its most powerful and oppressive. The film champions the birth of the liberation struggle. Advocacy film-making at its best, this invaluable historical document shows there was white opposition to white rule in former Rhodesia.nThis film is being presented with the assistance of M-Net.nSynopsis for The Tunnel:
The Tunnel is a visually stunning film set in 1980, just after Zimbabwe’s independence. It highlights, in a fictional story, the massacre at Matabeleland – which occurred at the hands of the 5th Brigade.nThe South Africa based director, Jenna Bass, stands out as a filmmaker for her conception and approach to this dark story. nTold through the rich imagination of a young girl seeking sense of her father’s sudden disappearance, the director creates a beautiful intense visual experience mimicking the rich senses of a child.  The Tunnel follows young Elizabeth, who loves inventing tall tales. When she arrives at a guerilla camp desperate for help, Elizabeth must tell her greatest story of all, a story about her village, strangers, ghosts, the day her father dug a tunnel to the city and her journey to find him. As the story unfolds, Elizabeth embarks on a quest for truth, weaving together fact and illusion. But reality is not far behind and, to save her village, Elizabeth will have to confront it.nDate: Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Time: 18h30
Entrance: 20,- N$
Venue: FNCC, Robert Mugabe Avenue
nThis film is being presented with the assistance of Ten10 Films.


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