Namibia Premiere: „Cabralista“ – Present & Collective Memory by Valerio Lopes, Saturday, 26 January 2013, 19h00, Goethe-Centre, Windhoek

As the 2013 opening film in the series “African Perspectives”, AfricAvenir presents the Namibian Premiere of “Cabralista – Present & Collective Memory”, in Memory of Amilcar Cabral, one of the most brilliant African revolutionaries and thinkers of decolonisation and economic, political and cultural emancipation, who was murdered 40 years ago on 20 January 1973. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his assassination, AfricAvenir commemorates his life and legacy.nDirected by Valerio Lopes, produced by Henrique Teixeira de Freitas & Valerio Lopes; Cabo Verde/Luxembourg 2011; 52 min;  Best Documentary, CaboVerde International Film Festival; Language: English, French, Portuguese, Creole (Original languages with English subtitles)nIn Detail/Synopsis
Inspired and artistically designed with the fantastic Opus of Amilcar Cabral in mind, the goal of this documentary is to put his theories and ideas in the spotlight. Comparing his work with actual cultural and social issues, like the foreseen North-African revolutions, the countries who helped Cabral in his struggle are identified in this movie by Amilcar Cabral’s words that seemed to predict the actual facts.nThe goal of this movie is to spread Cabral’s words and wisdom and support the Cabralist concept of re-Africanisation of the spirit, recognised all around the world as a pillar of African emancipation. 
This documentary is a mirror of African humanism and socio-cultural evolution and progress. n


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"Cabralista" is an ambitious documentary trilogy, chronologically divided in Past, Present and Future. Over a 3 years period the director Val Lopez and its production team will release 1 episode a year – "Cabralista" Past, Present & Future:nEpisode I: Present: Collective Memory
Episode II: Past: History
Episode III: Future: Utopia
nThe first episode "Cabralista. Present:Collective Memory" presented by AfricAvenir in January 2013 deals with the present, how Cabral is remembered, defining a non-formal zeitgeist around his ideology, showing African youth with a strong Cabralist view. It is based on the collective memory of Amilcar Cabral and his ideas.nShot between Cape Verde, Portugal, Libya, Kenya, Guinea and Luxembourg, this first part of the trilogy an introduction to the whole project. Young African students and intellectuals narrate this feature length documentary and put it in a present context.nEpisode II: The second episode "Past: History" treats the past, the history based on real facts and testimonies of his lifetime. This episode is based on historical facts of and about his lifetime. The film will soon be released.nEpisode III: The third episode "Future: Utopia" is an utopian vision of how Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and perhaps Africa could have evolved and developed if Amilcar Cabral wand other African Leaders of his time would not have been assassinated and if they had a chance to put their theories in practice. All their ideas are analyzed and embodied to the socio-cultural and socio-economical climate of the continent in a utopian and optimistic way. nThe film series African Perspectives is supported by the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre, WhatsOnWindhoek, the Goethe-Centre Windhoek and Arterial Network Namibia. nDate: Saturday, 26 January 2012
Time: 19h00
Entrance: 30,- N$ 
Venue: Goethe-Centre, Auditorium
n© Copyright AfricAvenir 2012


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